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Bathroom Makeover

Who else has had one of those retro beige/pink bathrooms? That's what I had. Even the toilet and the tub were pink! I've wanted to renovate this bathroom for as long as we've lived in this house and I finally got the chance.

This reno started early last year and my vision was to give it a luxury hotel vibe. To start off, I hired a contractor to remove everything and replace the tub and tile. I painted and stenciled the walls (click here for a how to guide to stenciling), upcycled a bathroom vanity, and bought some beautiful decor to finish off the look.



In order to save on cost I decided to buy a used vanity online and upcycle it. I made new door fronts, added a coat of paint and new door pulls. I splurged a little on the countertop because I was able to save so much on the actual vanity.

The shelves above the toilet are from IKEA with a twist. I spray painted the brackets in order to match the rest of the decor. A lot of the pieces you see on the shelves are actually from the dollar store!

Another great tip is the soap dispenser. I bought some fancy soap from Winners and once it finished I just bought a large container of liquid hand soap from costco to replenish it.

I also built a recessed cabinet in the wall right beside the sink that has it's own electrical outlet for all our tooth brushes and toiletries so that the counter is nice and clean at all times. I added a custom made frame with some hinges to keep it all hidden away. From afar it just looks like a picture frame thats part of the decor!

Here are the links to all the items I used in this bathroom reno:

I hope you enjoyed this makeover. For more videos/details check out my instagram page: @diamondintherough._

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